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Re: [IP] ace inhibitors (Teresa I hope you get this since it is going back to Insulin Pumpers!

     I am very new to the club because I am in the process at the moment of
trying to do the pre-pump therapy and I am getting very frustrated about the
correct way to do that!  Anyway, I have been a diabetic for 22 years (I am
46 now) and have just started taking Prinivil (Lisinopril) 5 mg tablets.  My
endocrinologist prescribed them for me 6 months ago but I was like you, I
was very hesitant to have it filled when my blood pressure readings had
always been normal.  Three weeks ago, on my return trip to the doctor, he
asked if I had started the medication and when I told him that I hadn't he
made it much clearer to me why he had prescribed them to begin with.
Following is some info that I just found before I told you what my endo told

     "ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitors. This class of
medications was initially used to treat high blood pressure. ACE inhibitors
help open (dilate) the arteries, making it easier for the heart to pump
blood throughout the body. Multiple studies have shown convincingly that
these drugs can improve heart failure symptoms, reduce cardiac events that
require hospitalization, and reduce sudden death from heart failure.
     There are many ACE inhibitors available, including benazepril
(Lotensin.), captopril (Capoten.), enalapril (Vasotec.), fosinopril
(Monopril.), lisinopril (Prinivil., Zestril.), quinapril (Accupril.),
ramipril (Altace.) and trandolapril (Mavik.). Most ACE inhibitors are taken
only once a day; several are taken 2 or 3 times daily.
     These drugs are usually well tolerated. In approximately 10% of
patients, a chronic, nonproductive cough develops. Rarely, ACE inhibitors
produce sudden swelling of the lips and face and cheek areas; this is due to
an allergic reaction that can occur at any time during therapy. If this
occurs, the patient must seek medical attention immediately. Because the ACE
inhibitors can affect kidney function and raise potassium levels, a
physician will likely monitor kidney function and potassium levels during
the first several weeks of therapy and then, periodically, thereafter. "

     Basically, my doctor told me that he had asked me to take them because
for a diabetic like myself, the prinivil protects my arteries, help my
kidneys stay healthy and provides potassium basically.  So after he
explained that to me, I felt fine and had them filled.  I was extremely
concerned about taking them initially but am now glad that he had so much
more insight into my needs because of heart disease being in my family plus
at the present time, I am overweight by about 60 lbs.
     Even though I am trying to finally finish nursing in the next two
years, I felt badly about not seeing for myself why he was having me take
them.  Hope this helps!

Paula Hyden
email @ redacted

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> hello everyone I am new to the site and posting.. I am on the digest so
> e-mail privately.
> I have a question on Ace inhibitors..
> My doctor wants me to see an endo and talk about Ace inhibitors.  all the
> testing show I do not need them.. I have been diabetic for 29 years and NO
> complications.. Just want to know more about this prevention  before I
have my
> appt. with the endo.. hope I am making sence.
> Thanks
> Teresa<><
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> each of your promises as sure
> and certain, because you have
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