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[IP] Selling medical equipment

Julie wrote:
> I didn't realize that people would buy a used pump.  The 507c I have was
actually refurbished by MM and sent to me a week before my 508 arrived, and
has been sitting in a drawer for 2 weeks. >

This puzzles me since I was *required* to turn in my 506 on my 507C or pay
$495.00 for keeping it. Lots of people say they have their old pump and I have
to turn mine in. hmmmmm

>> The thing is, I don't know where to start to sell a used pump for one.  And
two- am I a horrible person for wanting to sell medical equipment?  It just
seems weird. Any thoughts? >>

Are Animas, Disetronics, MiniMed, Baxter, B-D, Therasense, etc. bad for
selling medical equipment? You have an item you paid for and someone wants it.
Most of the times what we want is not handed over to us as a freebie. It is
also well known that people appreciate things more when they have to pay
*something* for it (like a kid buying his own bike tires <vbg>). I,
personally, see nothing wrong in selling an item. It is an item of value, thus
it should be considered valuable - not a toss away. If you got a new car what
do you do with the old one? Give it away? Probably not. (~_^)

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