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Re: [IP] leg cramps

Calcium and magnesium supplements help leg cramps, if the cause of the cramps 
is a deficiency.  Also, when you get the cramps, don't point your toes, flex 
your foot to stretch the muscle.  I've had them before, you wake in such 
pain, your hearts pounding before you are awake enough to figure out what 
hurts.  I saw a product advertised on t.v. called CalMax.  Its a fast 
absorbing calcium and magnesium beverage powder.  I ordered it because I have 
kids with asthma, and magnesium is very helpful for asthmatics.  But I was 
having trouble finding something that my eight year old would take.  This 
stuff is great, you disolve a heaping teaspoon in boiling water, when it 
cools you can mix it with whatever you want.  I put it in juice for the kids. 
 I'll boil water and put the CalMax in and a decaf tea bag.  The awesome 
thing about this stuff is in twenty minutes you're ready for bed.  The kids 
drop like flies. The web site on the bottle is:  www.drpinkus.com

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