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[IP] correction bolus

Take the total number of units you take in 24 hours,thendivide that number 
into 1500.  the number you get is how many points your BG will come down 
taking one unit of fast acting insulin. ex. you take 30 units total, factor 
is 50, 75 total units, factor is 20.The more total insulin you take, the more 
you need for a correction bolus. so determine a bg goal or goals, then 
supplement using yr. factor. for example, BG goal is 100.  Take elevated bg # 
subtract 100, divide that  number by yr. factor #. BG is 265-100=165divided 
by factor of 30 is 5.5 units for correction of 265 BG. This is a correction 
bolus, now you must identify and change what caused the 265, maybe basal 
rates, too many carbs?? Priscilla Schell, RN CDE
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