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Re: [IP] re: 504 plan

Holly wrote> the schools do the 504 plan but as parents we have the right to 
stipulate what we want.  

This is not always the case.  Here in WA state where we live I am given the 
504 paper work and fill out the information.  Then Joshua's endo fills out a 
part of it and then the school gets it and puts it all together.  Another 
good thing for ALL parents of school aged kids to know is that more and more 
states are starting to implement guidelines for their state public school to 
follow.  It is important to find out what, if any, your state may have and 
get a copy.  There may be things in there that the school personnel don't 
want you to know.  In our case it is the fact the 10 there WAS a guideline, 
and 2) it clearly states the the DMer can check their BGs when and WHERE 
needed and does NOT have to go all of the way down to the office.  This is 

  Also, for those parents with kids pumping there is a new booklet out, 
sponsored, in part, by Disetronics, called "As ABC, what you need to know 
about children using insulin pumps in school."  These are being given out for 
FREE to all who need them.  I got extra copies sent to give to the school and 
RNs.  Joshua was the only DMer in his school but two more will be there this 
year, both on MDI.  As far as we know Josh is still the only pumper in his 

  And for anyone interested, there is only 6 more weeks left before school 

mom to Joshua
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