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Re: [IP] re: 504 plan

As a teacher as a well as a pumper, I can not emphasize the importance of 
making yourself heard loud and clear of your child's needs.  With seeing 75 
kids a day, it can be very easy to tell a child "just a minute" when he/she 
says they don't feel "right."  It's very obvious when an physically 
challenged child needs help but as we all know, people don't always realize 
when a diabetic says they need something....that means now.  Be it bathroom 
(can't stand the idea of a group bathroom break even for "normal" kidsl), 
water, or a break from PE class.  You may feel like you're being a pain in 
the butt parent but believe me, you need to be constantly educating everybody 
in your child's school.  I don't consider it being nosy, or pushy.  I 
consider it being a loving parent.  The more any of my parents can tell me 
about my kids, the better job I feel I can do as a teacher.  As I have said 
in other posts, make sure even the pickest little thing goes on that 504 plan 
and even spcific instructions with some glucose tablets and peanut butter 
crackers for each teachers desk.   not for the teacher to 
eat...LOL....Although, I did have to use one of my diabetic children's and 
replace it the next morning.   With SO many meetings, its easy for everything 
to run together.

Take care and let me know if I can be of any help.  I'm in Virginia.  Not 
sure what state you're from

Ginger & Gizmo  
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