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Re: [IP] Numbness in feet...ATTN: David Hill

Hi David,
Sorry, but I was in a hurry to make a Mah Jongg date, and inadvertently 
deleted your address.  I am sure that you will get my msg. using IP.
In answer to your question, I was been dxd. in 1975, but I know that I 
already had it for at least a year.  At that time my doctor said some people 
have diabetes or 20 years, and don't know it.  Back then they didn't check it 
as frequently as they should have, in spite of the fact that I informed my 
doctors that there was diabetes in the family.  I was told that I was a 
brittle diabetic, and have been uncontrolled since then.....until the 
marvelous pump, (started on July 10, 01).  It's unfortunate that I didn't get 
it sooner, but I'm hoping that "better late than never" applies, and not too 
much damage has been done.
I asked my doctor why the pain occurred mainly while resting, and i didn't 
get a viable answer.  The only med that was prescribed is Capsin, which is a 
topical analgesic lotion.  It did no good!  I'm afraid I'm no help to you, 
however, in the attached e mail there seems to be some good suggestions.
Luck to you also, I think we all need it.
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