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[IP] another ketone question

I have another question regarding ketones...  I had a few high readings
yesterday throughout the day.  They were all around 230 or so.  When I
remembered to test for ketones late last night, they were small.  I rarely
check for ketones, but try to do it when my readings are high, and the most
I've ever registered were just a trace.  Anyway, about an hour or so before
I checked, I wasn't feeling very well.  I thought I had heartburn or acid
indigestion, but I hadn't eaten anything for 5 hours, and I'd only been
drinking water.  Is it possible the ketones caused the heartburn like
feeling?  I think I did the right thing by drinking more water and doing 2
correction boluses.  My bg was 99 this morning, but I still had trace
ketones.  Is there anything else I should have done?

Thanks...  Heather
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