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[IP] IP Today!!!

I have been pumping since 3:00 pm today! the pump that I have is called the
minimed 508. When I went for my training today, I asked about supplies etc.
When I got my 1st set, I got a box of infusion sets (about 22 in a box) and a
box of can't recall what they are, but they hold the insulin. There was 12 in a
box. I was told to order when on my last box since I only had one box, I
reorderd the other box, my supplier said I should get it in 3 days.  so I guess
when you are down to your last months supply.

anyway, back to my 508 story. my greatest fear was using the infusion thing
that sticks the needle in me - it looked soooo big. I thought I was going to
pass out, as it turned out, I took a big breath and pressed the button, it hurt
less than sticking your finger for blood! so I was releaved. took out the
needle and I am in buisness for 2-3 days! It looks like if you got the 508
within the last 2 - 3 months till end of the year, you can get a free upgrade
to their next model, which is water proof, for up to 8 feet and up to an hr in
the h2o it also uses double A bateries so that will help.

David Rundo
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