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[IP] Re: Ketones

>>>My son has been a diabetic for 3 & 1/2 years.  During this time he has
never had ketones in his urine.  I have made him test after long periods of
high sugar readings but his strip always reads no ketones.  We get a new
bottle every year and throw away the old one so I think the strips are OK.
I'm not looking for trouble  but it does seem weird that he has never tested
positive for Ketones.  Any comments?>>>

The bottle states to discard 6 months after opening, that's why I buy the
individually foil-wrapped box that lasts 2 yrs. There are 20 strips in a box
and verrrrrrry easy to carry. They are about $10 so if ins. doesn't cover them
(get a scrip in case) and most of the time need to be ordered at the pharmacy.
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