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[IP] Re: Carbs to Raising Glucose Ratio

>> especially on a fast, take a couple glucose tabs and
>> check to see how the bg's raise, and how a unit of
>> insulin effects that raise.
> After a 6 hr fast, 1U Humalog for 16 carbs, brought me down 1 point!
> After a 9 hr fast, 1 U H for 12 carbs, brought me down 38 pts!  Testing
> done in different weeks.  Linda

There are other things that enter into it.  Six
hours is not a long fast, even for normal response H
may not clear out completely in 6 hours and
different foods will still be digested after 6 hours
(fat, protein, different glycemic index carbs, etc.)
that can cause differences in response.  If my bg's
are on an upward course I will favor a little extra
H, if trending downward I will be a little more
conservative.  Or, if they were 80, 100, 120 I would
expect that to continue and fudge a little higher H,
while if they were 160, 140, 120 less would be
justified, IMO.

It appears that the 2nd example more fats, protein,
etc. may have been out of your system causing a more
stronger response.  I have also found that my
response is constantly changing and I need to be
ever vigilant.
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