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Re: [IP] re: When to Test for Ketones

>I have yet to measure for ketones and have a color change on the 
>ketostix.  I even got a new bottle just to make sure they weren't 
>outdated.  I was 454 yesterday after eating a strombolli (mushrooms and 
>green pepper yum!) and still had no ketones.  A whole lot more carbs in it 
>there a bolused for.

Spot, or one of the other medical types can correct me on this.

My understanding is that ketones are not "caused" by high BG. They result 
when the body breaks down fats  (rather than carbohydrates) for energy. So 
if your BG is high because you do not have insulin and therefore can not 
process carbohydrates then ketones may result. On the other hand if you 
have your usual insulin for processing carbohydrates for energy but the BG 
is high because you have an excess of carbohydrates then ketones probably 
will not develop.

Testing for ketones can actually be a useful diagnosis tool for 
understanding why the BG is high.
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