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[IP] diabetically oriented dog

Had a dog 15 yrs. ago, at a time when there was no one home, and I had 
frequent blackouts from hypoglycemia. One of the first signs of a hypo for me 
has always been tiredness. I remember laying down on the bed, with my dog 
next to me. The phone rang, I managed to pick it up, evidently made no sense 
at all to the caller (happened to be a nurse friend who knew of my diabetes), 
and finally blacked out, dropping the phone. After she realized that the dog 
was barking and howling, and she was screaming my name, she called the EMS 
guys. The dog never stopped barking. They told me later, that they had to 
drag her away, in order to give me IV glucose, etc. Never forgot that. She 
was my baby until she died, at the age of 18.

I've been on the pump for one month, and have not had even one insulin 
reaction. Some lows, but they don't manifest themselves the same way and I'm 
certainly able to test. No more chocolate (lotsa that for years!!), unless I 
bolus for it! LOVE my pump.

email @ redacted
45+ yrs. insulin-dependent, mostly looney tunes, any relation to hypos?
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