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Re: [IP] Anyone Hae Delayed Response to Humalog?

I have noticed an intermittent delayed response to Humalog very similar
to what you described (peak at 4 hours rather than the normal 1 hour).
I live in the Dallas Texas area and this problem seems to occur with me
during the hot summer months (June, July, August, and September) after I
have been outside in 95-105 F weather for several hours; usually after
doing yard work or playing golf.  When I complete the outdoor activity I
am between 100 and 120 mg/Dl, but and hour later I am over 200, and an
hour after that I am over 300, even though I bolused to bring it back in
line!  An hour after that (3 hours after completing the exercise I start
to come down, and an hour after that (4 hours after completing outdoor
exercise) I find that I have hypo'd.

I talked with Lilly, and they gave me the standard "Humalog has not
really been certified to work with Insulin Pumps", and "the recommended
temperature range of Humalog is between 45 and 86 Degrees F" speech.
Since I don't live my life in a temperature controlled vacuum their
advice wasn't much help for me.

I have heard of professional golfers wearing pumps.  They are out in the
heat almost every day.

My current plan of action is to throw out the reservoir of insulin in my
pump after multiple hours of high heat (after golf), or to not wear the
pump in the heat, and just cover the basil rate by coming into the house
once every hour or so when I get a drink of water when working in the

Have any of  you seen delayed peaking from Humalog?  Has it possibly
been heat related?

MM 508 Pump user for 1 1/2 years.  Last A1c at 5.9
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