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[IP] Re: Pets of diabetics

You may or may not believe this .  My husband and I were dumbfounded when we 
realized what happened.  When we looked back it has happened three times.

I have a three year old on the pump now for 17 months.  She had and still 
occasionally has very low, lows.  On three occasions, our dog (which is a 
cross between a dachsaund and beagle, not important) doesn't usually sleep in 
the house, but lately we have let her and she came into our bedroom in the 
middle of the night and shook and I heard her collar and tag jingle.  I 
thought she wanted out to pee and when I went to let her out, she didn't want 
to.  She went over to Natalie's bed (crib at the time) and I was so mad 
because she had woken me up, I told her to go lay down.  Well since I was up, 
I went into check Natalie's numbers and lo and behold she was low!  And I 
mean this happened on three different occasions.  Someone told us a month 
ago, that we should write and tell the Animal Planet about her.  This was so 
amazing that we still find ourselves talking about it.  I truly believe 
animals can sense these things in humans.  

Lord Bless you,Tracy
Wife to Doug
Mom to two beautiful girls
Amy 13
Natalie 3  -
May today be the day they find a cure for diabetes.
Jer. 29:11
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