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Re: [IP] Domestic Disturbances? (AM hypo) is there a formula?

>Also, I am very cautious about bolusing during the night.  If I tested at 
>180 during the night, personally I would only bolus for half that high.

I deal with nighttime highs with a similar caution.

This actually lead to a rather productive discussion with my Endo. I told 
him that I wanted a Glucowatch when they went into production. His 
response, though not strongly negative was not encouraging.  I pointed out 
that a significant portion of my highest blood sugars occur at night and 
that in many cases I know this is going to be a problem before the fact but 
I am cautious anyway. The reason for this is that I am not completely 
confident that my nighttime basal is correct and I am concerned about 
sleeping through a low. Therefore I treat nighttime high cautiously. 
But!!!! With a Glucowatch I will be able to fine tune the basals and gain 
confidence in it as well as go to sleep with a alarm monitoring BG in case 
I am not cautious enough.  He accepted this as good reasons to prescribe 
the Glucowatch.
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