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Re: [IP] Domestic Disturbances? (AM hypo)

Sherry Compton wrote:
>Last night when I got up to feed the baby around 1:45, I tested myself and 
>was 180.  Going by my insulin requirements and the fact that I tend to 
>rise in the early AM, I decided I needed 2 units.  To play it safe, I only 
>bolused 1.7 units ... There never seems to be a set pattern to my numbers 

Hi, Sherry.

I don't know what you were targeting, exactly, when you took your bolus, 
since you don't provide your hyperglycemic correction factor, but I'll 
assume it was 100 mg/dl. For me, that's much too low for bedtime. My 
insulin requirements can vary a lot, so I've been obliged to adopt a target 
of 150 when going to bed. If I'm lower, I'll eat a snack. If I'd measured 
180 at 01:45, I would have administered a half-unit bolus.

If I'm going to sleep (or doing anything else that will prevent me from 
actively monitoring my bg), my bg target simply *must* be higher so I can 
wake up unassisted.

>No matter what adjustments I make, they are wrong!

There is nothing that says that my insulin requirement will remain stable. 
It's that way for some, perhaps most, diabetics, but certainly not for me. 
I live with it and learn from it. If my adjustments are continually wrong, 
then I'm not adjusting my adjustments correctly. I need to step back, look 
at my log sheets, try to look for a pattern, and figure out how I could 
better anticipate the swings. I can't stop the swings. I can just swing along.


regards, Andy
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