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Re: [IP] Domestic Disturbances? (AM hypo) is there a formula?

Blake writes:
>I am very cautious about bolusing during the night.  
>If I tested at 180 during the night, personally I 
>would only bolus for half that high.

I do the same. For one thing, I seem to be very
insulin sensitive during the wee hours, and a 
little bolus goes a long way.

Like a lot of people here, my "correction bolus"
is different at different times of the day. In 
the morning, 1 unit will drop me about 40-50 points;
in the afternoon, 70-80 points, and between midnight
and 4 am, 100 points or more.

When coming down from a big high, I try to do it 
in steps, so as to avoid a low. For example, a 
few days ago I turned off my pump when I was fiddling 
with my basals before bed and forgot to turn it back
on. I'd been out to dinner, so I'd turned the con-
firmation beeps off and the pump was therefore unable
to remind me that it had been turned off. Anyway, I
woke up with a bg of 342. Bolused enough to bring it 
down to 200, checked again in 2 hours and it was 232.
Bolused another unit, checked for ketones, and went 
for a walk. It was down to 148 when I got back.
Ate breakfast and was down to 113 before lunch. Luckily
it was a Sunday.

/Janet Lafler
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