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[IP] Re: Carbs to Raising Glucose Ratio

> For me it just does not make sense, because if the same unit of insulin
> lowers you with that particular amount, and the same unit also covers X
> amount of carbs, it means that X amount of carbs would have raised your BG
> by X points without the insulin, am I going wrong somewhere?
> Rabbi Hirsch Meisels

That's exactly the way the formula works for me,
YMMV.  I use 1/2 unit = 4 grams of carbs = bg
lowering (or raising) of 25.  If my bg is 150 and I
have a 4 gram cough drop, my bg will, usually, rise
to 175, give or take.  If I also take 1 unit of
insulin it will lower to 125 (1/2 for the 4 grams
and 1/2 to lower an additional 25).  If my bg were
180 I would take 1/2 of a unit at night or 1 unit
during the day, when I can check regularly.  My
original formula was given to me over 20 years ago
(with just urine strips), checked out with Walsh's
recently and still works well.  It is fairly easy to
check out our own formula.  When bg's are steady,
especially on a fast, take a couple glucose tabs and
check to see how the bg's raise, and how a unit of
insulin effects that raise.

By using the pump and the formula I am able to,
nearly, eliminate the bounces that used to afflict
me with lows after highs and highs after lows.  It
can make it worse if you don't have a good feel for
how your bg's are affected by the insulin and carbs.
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