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[IP] Soft-sets Poping out

During the summer I have noticed that my Soft-Sets have been "popping" out
quite frequently.
I use a MM508, IV Prep, then IV3000 , then insert thru the Iv3000, and the
"hole Iv3000", then an IV3000 over the 
I am more active in the summer, but the sets do not APPEAR to be loose, but
later after BG rise, see that the 
Cannula has at some time been pulled from the site, and is now laying
sideways on the top of the skin....thus
Insulin not being absorbed.

I have tried the last two time to use additional tape, but that does not
appear to help much.
I do use the long canula's, and the stomach area -(yes plenty of fatty
material - not that I want that much!)
Also, do not think it is a sweat issue, happens when I sweat or not...just
more frequent lately...
Cutting lawn, working on cars/boats/rv's  twisting/turning...
How do you with active kids handle this?

Any ideas would be appreciated...

Thanks - and ENJOY EACH DAY....
DX 10/1/2000
MM 508 2/1/2001

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