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Re: [IP] Domestic Disturbances? (AM hypo)

In a message dated 7/19/01 1:20:32 PM !!!First Boot!!!, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Last night when I got up to feed the baby around 1:45, I tested myself and 
was 180.  Going by my insulin requirements and the fact that I tend to rise 
in the early AM, I decided I needed 2 units.  To play it safe, I only bolused 
1.7 units.
 At 6:00 when the baby woke up again, my husband couldn't get me to wake up.  
At first he thought I was just overly tired.  Then he tested me and I was 18. 

Sherry:  Are you nursing your baby?  I was wondering if nursing could cause 
your blood sugar to drop?!
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