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[IP] Domestic Disturbances? (AM hypo)

Last night when I got up to feed the baby around 1:45, I tested myself and was 180.  Going by my insulin requirements and the fact that I tend to rise in the early AM, I decided I needed 2 units.  To play it safe, I only bolused 1.7 units.
At 6:00 when the baby woke up again, my husband couldn't get me to wake up.  At first he thought I was just overly tired.  Then he tested me and I was 18. He kept trying to get me to eat since I did get out of bed and start talking.  I apparently decided I should get dressed before eating.  The only problem is that I somehow thought I could wear my 2 month old's clothes. Then I refused to drink the juice my
husband gave me. Basically he ended up chasing me around the house with me screaming obscenities.  He tried to call my mother because sometimes when I get stubborn like that she has to be the one to tell me to eat. He got the answering machine and left a message with me screaming in the background to "hang up the %&*%ing  phone". Finally I did end up eating the poptarts he handed me.  Probably only because they
were chocolate.
I wonder what would have happened if the neighbors had called the police and reported a domestic disturbance.
I can see the humor in it when I picture myself running around the house with him chasing me, juice in hand.
But at the same time, I'm so sick of stuff like this.  My husband was offered overtime to work third shift for a few weeks, but he's afraid to do it because he doesn't want me alone at night.  And why did it happen?? There never seems to be a set pattern to my numbers anymore.  No matter what adjustments I make, they are wrong! I am SICK of being diabetic.  I'm sick of having so many things out of my control.
Sometimes I just want to scream.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who can NOT wear a 0-3 months OR a 3-6 months.
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