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Re: [IP] Dragging Feet


  Don't listen  to her!  Quite frankly some of these people don't realize 
what they are saying or just don't care how what they are saying affects the 
people they are saying them to.  If you want to get on the pump talk to your 
endo and NOT to some educator person.  I hate to say it but most of these 
educator people need to be educated about what they are trying to educate 
other people about!  Got that???!  After we spoke with our endo (my son was 8 
at the time) it took exactly 36 hours before our pumps were being sent to us. 
 YES...I know that THIS is definately an unusual circumstance.  But the fact 
of the matter is, we were not made to act like circus animals jumping through 
the hoops of others.  Those hoops are NOT necessary.  So PLEASE, make an 
appointment to talk to the endo alone and directly.  Tell him how the 
'educator' made you feel and let him know that you are NOT a circus animal 
and will not be made to jump through a bunch of unnecessary hoops.

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua who has been pumping for 1.5 years now!
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