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Re: [IP] Re:biochemical lnk between illness and depression

Chris, you stated that there is research going on that indicates that there 
is a biochemical link between depression and Type 1&2 diabetes.  How about a 
link between depression and ANY long term or terminal illness.  Especially 
anything that is chronic and someone has to live with and del with day in and 
day out will definately make that person more prone to depression.  To me 
this is common sense.  But just because it is common does NOT mean that it 
isn't nay less real to the person who is living with it!

  And just so that you all know, it is not necessarily just the person living 
with the disease that is struck with the depression.  Caregivers and close 
family members are also prone to dealing with the depression that is 
sometimes related to the disease process.  This depression is VERY real too!  
I know!  After FOUR years I think I am finally getting a handle on mine.

mom to Joshua
dxd 8/26/97
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