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[IP] IP: Ketones in 4 hours YES!

 James wrote:When I get this feeling, I quickly check my BS, it will be at 
least in the
high 200's. I give the supplemental injection derived by formula. I drink
plenty of water..and restrict my exercise. Then I work on figuring out what
is going wrong...is it the pump? Or did I just over eat into the 300 range.
(yeah I've done this a few times)

Am I the only one who gets this "warning" about ketones?
YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I can tell pretty quickly when i have ketones. I am so 
tired, almost like when your low, i feel sick to my stomach and my head feels 
pretty weird. I check my sugars instantly! Its high with ketones, within 4 
hours. I think ketones can happen pretty fast. In my case, when i first 
started on pump and had problems with inserting the sils incorrectly, my 
sugars were way high and lots of ketones. So i agree with you James, test 
right away and then get your sugar back down by bolusing or by injection if 
need be and drink alot of water or diet gingerale to keep you well hydrated 
and it quenches that bad bad first. I too having trouble feeling my lows, i 
just check my bs alot more. take care eileen
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