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Re: [IP] [ip] viral causes for iddm

I too was diagnosed 6 months after chicken pox's, they also thought 
that the chicken pox's had triggered it???.
Also i have had one other frightning experience that could not be 
belived but i promised it happend.
I was in hospital for an operation - minor infected toenail op. During 
that time four children were diagnosed. Here in Sydney we had a special 
ward for Diabetes patients. Would you believe that they were all 
daignosed within a week of each other, they all lived in the same 
suburb, same street and across the road from each other all four of 
them, it was like walking into your local supermarket and seeing 
everyone exceopt we were in a hospital ward. You should of see the look 
on the nurses faces when they were writing down the patients 
particulars on the asmittance forms - they freaked, all having the same 
address - i don't know what ended up happening.
Linda Fox - Oz
Less than 3 weeks to go.

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Date: Wednesday, July 18, 2001 5:01 pm
Subject: Re: [IP] [ip] viral causes for iddm

> I posted a question about people getting D after the chicken pox 
> about 6 
> months ago and pretty much got flamed indirectly for it saying how 
> there is 
> no correlation, etc, and people making comments like "I was dx'd 
> at age 16 
> and had chicken pox at age 3; does that count?"  You know, 
> whatever, 
> right......
> Anyway, I got D about two months after having the chicken pox as a 
> kid..... 
> All the way back then (20 years) my doctor told me this is what 
> probably 
> triggered it.  It's now 20 years later and they are still 
> questioning 
> it....... Anyway, I truly believe this was my cause for diabetes, 
> especially 
> since there is NOBODY anywhere in my family with type 1 or type 2!!
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