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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #296

>I have been thinking of getting the software for my ultra and fasttake
>i frequently test but rarely get them written down..hence it is hard to
>a pattern if any. my question is Is it going to be worth it? Is anyone
>it or something similar?

I may have missed a reply to this - sorry if this is repeat info. But I
downloaded the SW free from the OneTouch website. Then I bought the cable to
hook up to my son's meter at the drugstore they've got linked - it was only
$20 for the cable. Note, the drugstore sells the SW and cable as a package
for $80 - but why do that when you can download the SW for free!  It is a
decent package (at least for a free one). It doesn't do some things that I'd
like, but I haven't played with it much. It looks like if you set it up in
its "Custom Report" mode that you can enter data manually in addition to
uploading. So you can try it out and see if you think it is worth buying the
cable or not.

Mom to Ryan (four years old, dx'd 2/9/00 and pumping since 8/17/00)
and Celia (7 and non-dm)
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