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[IP] Re: I need some supervision

Jan wrote...
> Had my pump start today~so far so good.  I have a question, I have an air
> bubble in the tubing, it wasn't there this morning.  Its a slow moving
>  bubble, how do I fix it? How much do I prime~I know I have to disconnect
> prime, right?  Also, what do people use to carry all this stuff around in?
> Insulin, needles, 2 infusion sets, two reserviour (sp), meter and strips,
> fast acting sugar source, batteries, extra dressings, IV prep, did I
> anything?  Is it a problem running around with insulin, will it spoil?  I
> know these questions have been asked and answered before, I apologize in
> advance for the repetition.
Hi Jan,

I've been pumping since March, and I've only ever noticed air bubbles in my
tubing a few times.  I waited till the bubble was closer to the pump, then
disconnected and primed until it disappeared.  I think this worked ok, but
it may not be the "correct" thing to do.  I was very concerned with doing
everything "by the book" at first, but after a month or so, I started to
relax.  A lot of it is trial and error.  You will learn what works best for
you by "doing" and learning.

As for the insulin going bad... I don't carry it with me, especially in the
summer heat.  You could keep a bottle in a fridge at work or anywhere else
you may spend a lot of time if that option is available.  Of course, when I
travel, I do take  insulin  with me, as well as everything else I may need.
I'm usually close enough to home that I don't really carry a lot of stuff.
I keep an extra infusion set at work, and I carry my meter and glucose tabs
with me where ever I go, but that's about it.

Do what works for you, and remember, your mileage may vary!

Good luck...  Heather  :-)
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