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[IP] Re: i need some help - what do i say to my doctor?

    If it is possible, I would go down to the office in person and talk to 
the receptionist and ask about your paperwork.  Then she can attach a face (a 
real person) to the request.  Tell her how very desperate you are to start 
with your pump as soon as possible.  You need that signature today.  He has 
already approved you for it right? its just to get the reimbursement of the 
costs??  Then show up there every second day until you have it.  Ask that you 
pick up the document in person, rather than trusting Canada Post, which may 
lose it, or that can be used as an excuse (our mail system is terrible in 
Canada, for all you in the USA!!).  
    I was very desperate for Claire to start on her pump and phoned the pump 
nurse myself at a new hospital I wanted to try.  She said to book the 
appointment and then get Claire's paediatrician to send the referral.  The 
paed was against the idea of a pump, but said he would send the referral.  I 
found out months later, that the referral was never sent!!  I would still be 
waiting to hear from the new endo if I hadn't taken matters into my own 
hands.  Now it is hard for me to trust this paediatrician, who was there when 
Claire was born and has always been her doctor while we have lived here.  But 
he was happy to learn about her 2.0 drop in the HbA1c level.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 
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