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Re: [IP] Re: I need some supervision

In a message dated 7/18/01 3:21:24 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> I have a question, I have an air 
> bubble in the tubing, it wasn't there this morning.  Its a slow moving 
> bubble, how do I fix it? 

YES< DISCONNECT to prime, unless it's when you are first inserting it to fill 
the space.  If you see the bubble and it is moving, what I would do is wait 
till it gets a little lower and then disconnect and prime maybe 5 units or 
whatever it takes to push it out...... don't prime while connected because 
you will get that insulin in your body!!  You could also take the reservoir 
out and push it out, but if it's moving and in the tubing already, *I* would 
let it move a little more but keep an eye on it.....or just do it now.  Just 
prime it out and then reconnect and go from there.  you don't have to prime 
when you reconnect because it's already dripped out the tubing and you know 
your set that is inside of you is already primed because it's been there  :O)
If you have any quetsions, feel free to ask!!
Gina :O)
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