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[IP] Re: Talking to the doctor about the pump

Some people tend to dawdle when they don't have all the information. Maybe
he doesn't know who will be responsible for your care, the liability if
something goes wrong. Here in Michigan we have diabetes educators that
program the pump. We have an excellent diabetes educator here and it seems
the doctors are really supportive of the program. Some doctors mostly hear
that pump therapy is very beneficial to us diabetics. I guess I would come
straight out and say "is there a problem with you prescribing the pump for
me?" Offer to give your doctor information, read through brochures and tell
about the websight. Perhaps the doctor may not think you are a good
candidate, if they think that, then try to sell your point why the pump will
benefit you. If the doctor doesn't want to talk it out, finding another
doctor will work but then you run the chance that the new doctor won't know
you or your medical history.  Good luck! Sharon
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