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[IP] Dragging Feet

It has taken me quite some time to convince myself that I'm ready to go the 
route of an insulin pump.  I had an appointment with a diabetes educator at 
my endocrinologist's office today and had myself all psyched up to get the 
ball rolling.  After listening to this woman for more than 2 hours, I come 
home more frustrated than ever.  Maybe I am expecting too much, but I was 
informed of this extremely long process I must go through before going on a 
pump.  (approx. 2 months of intensive blah-blah for the dr.)  And then she 
said that after that's all done, the paperwork could take another 2 months 
before actually receiving the pump.  On top of that, I wanted to begin the 
"intensive insulin therapy whatever" today while I was in the office, but I 
was told I needed to read the information she was giving me and "think about 
my options."  So now, I can't even begin this whole process for another month 
and a half when I go back to see the educator.  Forget about the 
rollercoaster of bloodsugar, let's talk about an emotional rollercoaster!!  I 
don't want to wait until Christmas.  Help me out guys.  I'm about ready to 
say forget the whole thing.

Matt in the Research Triangle North Carolina
dx 3/95
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