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I think I am very lucky -- I have always woken up with either a very
high or very low blood sugar.  What happens is that I will start
dreaming; if my blood sugar is too low, I'll dream that I'm searching
the cupboards or somewhere for something sweet to eat.  If my BG is
high, I'll start dreaming that I'm really thirsty and looking for water.
These trigger me to wake up, so I've not had to use glucagon or had DKA
for the 15 years I've had DM.

Also, my cats start pouncing on me too. :-)


[DM since 10/86 - pumping MM508 since 5/01]

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Luckily I've never suffered from DKA in the 17 years I've had IDDM.  I
rarely produce any ketones even when my blood sugar reaches very high
over 400, but I think that's because I will become immediately aware of
high blood sugar.  I have even woken from a deep sleep with high blood
symptoms.  <snip>
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