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Luckily I've never suffered from DKA in the 17 years I've had IDDM.  I 
rarely produce any ketones even when my blood sugar reaches very high levels 
over 400, but I think that's because I will become immediately aware of the 
high blood sugar.  I have even woken from a deep sleep with high blood sugar 
symptoms.  I will show trace levels but never any more.  I get a very, very 
achy feeling in my muscles, especially my thighs.  Sometimes it hurts so 
much that I can barely walk.  I will test, take a correction bolus, test for 
ketones, drink lots of water, and then rest for a while.  Since being on the 
pump my hypoglycemic awareness has improved a lot, too.

All the stories about DKA are really scary.  I hope I don't lose my ability 
to catch this monster early.

Teresa Covas email @ redacted

James wrote:

Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 11:56:56 -0400
From: "James" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] KETONES IN 4 HOURS??????

I never realized that so many of us have so much trouble with DKA. I am so
sorry for you all.

I have not had any trouble with DKA since I was first diagnosed in 1973.

I think the reason is that I feel it when I am making Ketones.  My muscles
get a sort of numb feeling when I move them.  It is most pronounced in my
thighs...I suppose this is because this is where the largest muscles are
that you use when walking.

When I get this feeling, I quickly check my BS, it will be at least in the
high 200's. I give the supplemental injection derived by formula. I drink
plenty of water..and restrict my exercise. Then I work on figuring out what
is going wrong...is it the pump? Or did I just over eat into the 300 range.
(yeah I've done this a few times)

Am I the only one who gets this "warning" about ketones? I remember at
Joslin they always said that you can't feel high BS, and I won't argue that
point.  But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can feel that ketone

Now, I do have trouble detecting lows sometimes but that's another

Teresa Covas email @ redacted

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