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Re: [IP] pets and their diabetic people


Very Special Kitty,  I say.  I have never told this story on the site
before because a lot of people think that I am nuts.  I was about 16 I
think and my parents had a room in the basement and I had my room
upstairs.  My mom always checked my blood at 11:00 every night.  This one
night I had had a rather large dinner and a couch potatoey night with a
sugar of 12 before and after dinner so there was no real need.  At
about2:00am my mom was getting ready to go to bed it was a friday so they
were playing a board game and she heard my guinea pig squealing and
squealing.  She decided that because I slept through train wrecks that
she would make sure that Jade had water and food because he was being so
noisy he must need somthing.  When she went upstairs she found Jade
thrashing in his cage against the wall and going crazy, when she came
closer the the bed she realized my cold sweat and my eyes rolled back in
my head and not able to wake me! .  The ambulance came and glucagon
brought me around and my little Jade never was quiet till the paramedics
let me hold him to quiet him down.  I think Jade saved my life that
night.  Jade died this past February and even now I am getting teary eyed
because pets are special.  I have a dog now and I love him lots but I
know that Jade was a special pig and I believe that when people have a
close contact with their pet they know.  So the answer to your question
is yes you have a special kitty that knows when things are wrong.  Take
special care of your kitty.


>From: email @ redacted >Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To:<email @ redacted> >Subject: Re: [IP] pets and their diabetic
people >Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 10:45:52 EDT > >Ok.............Maybe
coincedence maybe not but weird either way. We have a cat, Abby, who
normally doesn't bother us at night. Twice however, I woke up to her
either sitting on me or right beside me meowing very loudly. Once I'm
awake, I have realized I've got that funny, shaky feeling.....Get up,
check and she's was right...... Coincidence???? Or a very special
kitty??? > >Ginger & Gizmo
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