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[IP] Re: Low's in non DM'ers

Hi all,
My son was dx'ed at 11.  We have no family history of diabetes.  When he was little he was quite a wild guy.  He would be really hyper and then just crash. He was frequently irritable and moody.  We especially notice this when he ate Skittles- we called it rocket fuel and did not let him eat them.  When he was in one of his "moody stages" we often wondered if he had a blood sugar drop.  He was frequently irritable when he was hungry (more so that a  typical child) I often said- "I wish I could test his blood sugar." Boy did that come back to bite me in the butt.  Now I know more about his  blood sugars than I could possibly imagine.  He was not diagnosed untill the age of 11 and then it was picked up in a routine check-up for a sports physical.  Just wondering if any other parents had similiar experiences with their children.
Janet in Ohio
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