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Re: [IP] [ip] viral causes for iddm (&islet transplants)

I heard an interesting lecture recently by Dr. David Harlan, the head of the 
Kidney and Islet Transplant program at the National Institutes of Health.  He 
was speaking to summer interns at NIH, and reported on the islet cell 
transplant program there (it is based on the Edmonton protocol, they have 
transplanted 6 patients, 3 are off insulin, one after only 1 transplant).

Anyway, he answered a question about triggers for type 1, and his assessment 
was that the pretty long-standing belief that viruses can trigger it has 
never been "proven," but that doesn't mean that it isn't so.  Interestingly 
enough, he mentioned that some people are even considering the possibility of 
the ABSENCE of viruses as a trigger (the mouse model seems to react this way).

Linda Z
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