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Re:[IP] amazing story aboutt er doctor

Amanda Brown wrote:
> Jenee,
  I have had
> very similar reactions in an ER. 

[this is long]
up until now i have refrained from telling my amazing ER doc story but
here goes. i got violently ill one night out of the blue. i probably
kinked cannula in pump. i continued to throw up all morning. i live by
myself and should have phoned doc but i was already too far gone. by
that afternoon around 4 a friend gave me ride to ER and i was admitted
to intensive care with DKA. second time since dx 17 years before.

i had been trying to find another endo, very unhappy with his factory
like front office. anyway his backup appeared, whom i did not know. i
overheard him discussing removing pump. i questioned him on this and all
hell broke loose. he proceeded to cross examine me as to how many pumps
i had installed and tell me he had installed 80. he was extremely
confrontational and irate. he informed me that if his office treated
people that could not completely pay their bills they would be overrun
with riff raff. this was while i was laying on a table with IVs in my
arms and half out of my mind.

i took offense at his insulting and demeaning attitude and argued back.
it was a waste of breath of course but i could not believe this guy was
for real. as far as i am concerned, had he needed to tell me something
important and relating to my health, he should have waited until i was
coherent. as it was i never saw him again. it may have been because i
tried to get up off the table telling him that the medical-industrial
complex sure had great technology but a lousy delivery system.

chris parsons
T1 84 HTRON Plus 99
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