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[IP] hypo's in non-DM's

I clearly remember my son having what I would now consider "low-blood sugar"
before he was diagnosed.  It was March, 4 months before being diagnosed, and
he would literally drag himself out of bed.  At this time I knew NOTHING about
diabetes and what type of signs to look for.  He would sit on the stairs and
bump his way down in the AM and tell me he could not possibly go to school,
because "he was dizzy."  I hate to be the gullible Mom - so who would keep
their kid home from school because of dizziness.  I would say "have a glass of
juice, eat some cereal and lets see how you feel."  Well by time the cereal
and juice were gone (I suppose and his sugars going up) he would feel better
and off to school he went.

What we now recognize as signs of high blood sugar were definitely evident
upon the return from school.

Isn't hind sight always 20/20?

Jocelyn, Brian's mom
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