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Well, you know they say you shouldn't curse yourself, right?  I posted last 
week saying how longggggg it takes me to get ketones....remember?  Well, last 
night I went to bed at around 3:30 a.m.  Around that time I was 79; at 6:30 
or so I was 149.  Then I kept waking up to use the bathroom but thought it 
was from a diet iced tea I drank.  Then I found myself falling asleep on the 
toilet :( and like nodding out.  I tested at 10:00 and my sugar was 489 or 
something like that AND I HAD LARGE KETONES!!!  I couldn't believe it!
So what caused it?  Well, my QuickSet was half twisted off, arrow in the 
middle!  I don't know if I did what I did last week again in my sleep or 
what, but I was so shocked that I got ketones this fast!  And that my sugar 
went up so rapidly in four hours!!  Then again, maybe the dawn phenom  had 
something to do with it too!?!?
Anyway, it just wasn't a good day nor has it been a good week!  I think I'm 
going to have to tape my sets at night so it would be impossible for me to 
twist it off in my sleep!!
Geez, what next?????
:O(      Gina & Mr Loaner
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