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Re: [IP] amazing story about er doctor


  That was INCREDIBLE and SOOOO typical of most medical professionals.  It is 
hard because you want to be able to trust these guys (and gals) but the truth 
is they learn a little about a lot of things but not necessarily a lot about 
one particular thing, unless they specialize.  So it is these opportunities 
that you have to use to EDUCATE!  That was like when a Peds MD that did not 
know that an infection would cause BGs to go up either.  Now he does!!!

  Hey about that other matter on what to say to your endo.....SHIT OR GET OFF 
THE POT!!!!!!!!  In other words do his job or you will be forced to go 
somewhere else to someone who really cares about his patients.  This usually 
will let them know that you are frustrated and that you feel like he doesn't 
care.  IF he does not react then he really doesn't care and you need to leave 
him anywya.  If he does feel like he cares then maybe he will  SHIT!!!

mom to Joshua
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