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Re: [IP] seeking advice on one touch software

At 10:19 PM 7/17/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>I have been thinking of getting the software for my ultra and fasttake meters
>i frequently test but rarely get them written down..hence it is hard to track
>a pattern if any. my question is Is it going to be worth it? Is anyone using
>it or something similar?

I used the One Touch Software for about a year last year (when still on 
MDI). I stopped when I switched to the FreeStyle Meter. I think it is 
pretty good. Certainly better than the FreeStyle software. If nothing else 
it will allow you to keep a continuous record of your reading. The standard 
reports are OK but not particularly flexible. A feature I really liked was 
that the software would allow you to designate that certain points are not 
included in the reports. You can also use the software to manually record 
carbs and insulin if you care to. In terms of if it is worth it, The 
program does have a certain value and I understand the software is free at 
http://www.lifescan.com/. The cable is relatively inexpensive. So my 
recommendation is: Yes it is worth it - Give it a try.
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