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[IP] Changes in my life.....kinda long

I've just started making some major changes in my life thanks to the pump and 
to all of you.

When I was diagnosed with diabetes 9 1/2 years ago, I was told to take it 
easy, don't push things and maybe I'll get better ( I didn't).

6 years ago I was diagnosed with Necrobiosis on both of my legs and was told 
that I could no longer do anything or I would lose my legs.  For a long time 
I just hoped that I would lose my legs so I could get on with my life.....how 

Since I have received my pump (Dec. 1 2000), a lot of things have changed.  
My blood sugars are much better and in turn my attitude has gotten a lot 

I read about a lot of you who scuba dive or just exercise and have fun.  For 
so long I wanted to be "just like that"  but, of course, I was disabled and 

About a week ago it dawned on me that just becuase my legs didn't work 
"right", didn't mean I had to sit around and feel sorry for myself so I did 
something about it.

On Monday I started a program with SkillSource, which is a state funded 
program here in WA, to get retrained, go back to work, get off disability and 
get on with my life.

It is so amazing how so much can change with the right help, the correct kind 
of medications and some wonderful positive attitudes in your life.

Thank you all for your stories and trials.  They do make a difference to 

Michelle and Booper
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