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[IP] Ultra Flex

<Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 13:05:55 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] (no subject)

Hi Everyone~

I sent an e-mail to Disetronic requesting a sample of the Ultraflex.  My pump
is MM508, but I thought the infusion sets were interchangable.  I understand
that the quick-set are on backorder until August.  MM tells me yesterday its
on backorder for two months.  Anyway, I thought I'd try the Ultraflex since
its seems to be more readily available.  Disetronic e-mailed and said they
need a prescription from my doctor.  Its seems silly to ask my doctor for a
script for a sample of a product I'm not sure I'll use.  I guess I thought it
was like asking for a sample of a type of needle for insulin.  I don't know,
I'm new at this, my pump start is tomorrow, I've got alot to learn.




I use an Animas pump.  I called the 800 number for Disetronic a couple weeks
ago and asked for samples of the Ultra Flex.  All they did was ask me the
length of tubing, needle, etc. I wanted and my address.  The two samples
arrived the next day by  Fed Ex.  Try calling the 800 number and see if you
get better results.  I really liked the sets.

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