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[IP] What do I say to my doctor?


Oh, how I empathize with your frustration!  I met with my CDE at my doctor's
office, we filled out the necessary paperwork and I was told that all he had
to do was sign everything and the paperwork would be faxed asap to
Disetronic.  When I called Disetronic a week later to inquire about the
progress on my pump and if they'd contacted my insurance co., they said they
had no record of me and had not received any paperwork from my doctor.  This
went on for weeks.  My frustration grew and manifested itself in some 7-10
calls to my doctor's office.  Not one of these calls was returned.  I'm not
even sure if any messages were taken.

I e-mailed my CDE.  She was the most helpful.  She said "X is responsible
for pump paperwork in Dr. Y's office."  So, once I had X's name, I was able
ask for her by name each time.  This proved effective.  She was finally able
to have him sign the paperwork and send it to Disetronic.

Then, I traversed a similarly frustrating experience with my insurance co.
Every other day or so, I resolved to call either Disetronic, the local
Durable Medical Equipment supplier (since I had to get the pump through them
rather than Disetronic because of my insurance), my insurance co. and
finally the case management co. which was to make the final decision.  I
think all of these phone calls (or at least I like to think) were
instrumental in communicating my determination to get a pump.

Like you, I felt my control was not where I knew it could be and I'd
exhausted all other means.  I also felt that, with each passing day, my
health was being compromised because someone couldn't get around to signing
a sheet of paper, someone else had put my paperwork in neglected pile and
still someone else was on vacation with no replacement.  Hang in there --
things DO happen, but you must be determined because no one else considers
it as urgent as you do!

Jeanne K.   
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