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[IP] i need some help - what do i say to my doctor?

I am getting really upset at my doctor. It has been 7 weeks now that he has 
not signed my darn paper. All I NEED IS A SIGNATURE!!!! OK i understand he is 
busy and all but a signature cmon how long does that take? I mean he even has 
a stamp with his signature on it- use that ...
My diabetes is getting out of wack again. it seems to go in spurts like umm 
every 4 or 5 months i have one real bad month.  well, i am getting really 
upset because i want to start my pump and well this is my health right? dont 
i have a right to be upset?
Anyways, i am going to call his office and hopefully this will be one of 
those days that they are open - chances are they wont be open, but lets say 
they are.. what should i say?  I want to get the point across that i am 
serious and want this done now but dont want to sound to witchy, ya know?
I hope someone out there can help me. I am tired of waiting and dont see why 
i have had to wait this long.
thanks in advance
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