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[IP] Head coldwhat can I take

I have frequent very bad sinus infections, so this is from great experience
- but YMMV.

1.	Do NOT take OTC meds like Aftin, Dristran etc for more the 2
days....After that they actually constrict the passageways in the nose and
cause more harm than good.
2.	The best standard is salt and soda - A teaspon of soda, and little
salt and warm water. Gargle, brush teath, and yes "snort" it up the
nose....it sounds bad, but it really works. (I use a special attachment to a
water pick that I load with the salt and soda, then force the stream into
the nose...it goes in one nostrial and out the other - I KNOW IT SOUNDS
3.	There is also several perscription meds for the sinus, but these
usally take about 3 DAYS to WORK!
4.	Drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest...and get some nice sotf

Best of luck to you....

If you have a spose or sig. Other, play on their symphothy...it might work

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