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[IP] Inserting without Serter

From: "Trish Ober" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Inserting without Serter

I have been using a few Ultra flex sets - just like quick set, soft set, - go
in with straight needle and do not have an inserter.  It says in the
to not hesitate upon insertion to not bend the cannula.  I just put the
right up next to my skin and then just put my  pointer finger on the  middle
of the set and push slowly but consistently.  They have all went in okay.
Sometimes there is just a little hesitation by the needle upon the initial
penetration of the skin but just keep pushing.  I have never tried starting
"far away" and jabbing it in so cannot reflect on that!
I am thin and find that I can use these sets even in my "rib area" where
isn't much extra skin (and get good results and more site rotations).  When I
use the comforts (sils) up there I find they irritate when bending, sitting.
I use the comforts (sils) on all lower ab sites, buttocks, etc.
- ---------------------------------------------------------
The best plan IMHO is to jab the point thru your hide as quickly as posible,
keeping in mind that the needle bends easily. once below the skin you can
advance it with little or no pain.-
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