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[IP] [ip] viral causes for iddm

Where I was able to find considerable source material on viral agents as
triggers for type 1 Diabetes, I wasn't able to find more than a handful that
mention a specific viral agent lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV)
being one of the very few that I could find).  I would love to see the
source material that you have on the coxsackie, though (was it A or B?)..
lcmv is not [athogenic in humans, it causes no infection, coxackie B and Mengo
B are both associated with devekopment of DM in kids, I got mine after a
coxackie B. you can look it up on Medline Coxackie .AND B AND IDDM. ypou have
to have the right genetic HLA DQ and HLA D3 combinations you just don't get it
from a virus..
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