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[IP] some good mews to share

i would like to share  some good news with everyone. i was issued my AIRMAN 
CERTIFICATE FOR PRIVATE PILOT yesterday after a sucessful checkride!!!  up to 
a few years ago a diabetic could not hold a license but thanks to a special 
issuance and good control and the mm 508 i was able to do this, i will be 
going to bonaire off venezuala to go scuba diving. i have been diving with 
diabetes for twenty years and enjoy sharing my experiences through video and 
photography. i do both u/w at the same time so i don't miss anything!!I  i am 
now 46 . my wife says that i need to convince my 18 year old brain that i'm 
older.  my intention is to let other diabetics, especially you young kids to 
not look at having diabetes as a handicap, it's not if you don't let it be. 
my biggest motivating factor for doing fun stuff is the word CAN'T.hate being 
told i can't, hope this makes everyone feel good, see ya   dan valovich
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